In 2021, Words Into Deeds launched a scholarship program for students at or recently graduated from the UNIFAT Primary School. Criteria were both needs- and merit-based. The former criteria were identified by school officials. Eligible students were evaluated based on their academic records, their participation in on-campus and community service projects, and their educational goals. Applicants must have completed the requirements to graduate from UNIFAT, scored highly on the national high school entrance exams, and been accepted to secondary schools of their choice.

Scholarships provide 100%, 80%, and 50% of tuition and fees costs for the three terms in each academic year, and are renewable as long as students meet the academic requirements of their school and families agree to meet their financial obligations for terms 2 and 3. These are reviewed annually at ZOOM meetings with all applicants and their parents or guardians. 

2023 scholarship recipients Siaga, Gypsy, Mark, Gabriella, Honest, and Morris.

Siaga is attending Kennedy Secondary School, Kisubi, Uganda

Gypsy is attending Tororo Girls’ School, Tororo, Uganda

Mark is attending Restore Leadership High School, Gulu, Uganda

Gabriella is attending Ocer Campion Jesuit College, Gulu, Uganda

Honest is attending St. Mary’s College, Lugazi, Uganda

Morris is attending St John Paul II College in Gulu, Uganda