Dr. Kingsley Kabari, a refugee from civil war in Nigeria, helps students understand problems associated with substance abuse, poor nutrition, and lack of exercise. He also teaches the importance of education in preventing recruitment of youth into radical groups.

Fernando Buenano is a ecotourist guide and educator from Ecuador. He helps students understand the ongoing conflicts between often unregulated commercial development and sustaining the rainforests and indigenous cultures.

Rebecca Odongkara (left), founder of the UNIFAT school in Gulu, Uganda, and Denis Okema, who was abducted at age 10 by leaders of child soldier militias, bring their stories and and commitment to education as a means to peace and security.

Abdullah Alsultan, a native of Saudi Arabia, discusses his cultural heritage and current political and social norms in his country.

Ayuen Ajok (center) and James Ayuen (right), both former “Lost Boys of Sudan,” participate in the annual Walk for Water, which riased over $12,000 to install a well in Juba, South Sudan. They helped students understand how limited access to fresh water requires that children, mostly girls, spend much of their time searching for and carrying water for their families.

Jackie Tice, Native American singer and songwriter, teaches about indiginous cultures through song, including having students write and perform their own compositions.

Ithaca Mayor Svante Myrick speaking to high school students about local and global issues related to substance abuse, as part of the Youth Forum on Substance Abuse: A Guide to Empowerment and Action.

Kenyan tribal Chief Joseph Ole Tapinko and his wife Cicilia Seleyian help students better understand the challenges as nomadic peoples now build permanent communities and develop school and health services.

The following experts have joined classroom discussions about local and global issues:


  • James Ajok, a Lost Boy of Sudan, Africa (READ MORE)
  • Abdulla Alsultan, Shandi, Saudi Arabia (READ MORE)
  • Nana Kwasi Anim, Musician, Ghana, Africa
  • Agnes Acombe, War refugee, Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Christine Atim, Genocide refugee, Juba, Sudan
  • Pawel Bakowski, Catherine Perkins, Einaudi Center, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
  • Fernando Buenana, Bertha Guerra, Quito, Ecuador (READ MORE)
  • China AIDS Orphan Fund, Traveling art exhibition, China
  • Michael Deng, a Lost Boy of Sudan, Africa
  • Lloyd Elm, Native American (Onandaga) educator
  • Jack Howard, John Dau Lost Boys Foundation, Skaneateles, NY
  • Kingsley Kabari,  Ogoni tribe, Nigeria, Africa (READ MORE)
  • James Luai, a Lost Boy of Sudan, Africa
  • Bartolomeo Misana, Micro-economist, Tanzania, Africa
  • Jacqueline Murekatete, Genocide survivor, Rwanda, Africa
  • Rebecca Odongkara, UNIFAT School, Gulu, Uganda (READ MORE)
  • Denis Okema, Former child soldier,  Uganda, Africa (READ MORE)
  • Eva Olsson, Holocaust survivor, Ontario, Canada
  • Joseph Ole Tipanko, Masai tribal chief, Kenya, Africa (READ MORE)
  • Hanka Zajackowska, Photojournalist, Warsaw, Poland


  • Lee Cutler, NY State United Teachers, Albany, NY
  • Seth Dennis, Tompkins County Waste Reduction and Recycling Specialist
  • David Dresser, Town Supervisor, Ovid, NY
  • Marty Luster, Editor, Positive News, Ithaca, NY (former NY State Congressman),
  • Mike Nozzolio, NY State Senator, Seneca Falls, NY
  • Robert Spiegelman, NY Council for the Humanities
  • Svante Myrick, Mayor, City of Ithaca


  • Fran Barbieri, Seneca Falls Historical Society, Seneca Falls, NY
  • Susan Buchel, Hillside Children’s Center, Romulus, NY
  • Menzo Case, Habitat for Humanity, Seneca County, NY
  • Claudia Castillo, Disabled academic, Philadelphia, PA
  • Nancy Coniff, Ovid Food Pantry, Ovid, NY
  • Sabrina Cusimano, Global Education Motivators, Philadelphia, PA
  • Medard Gabel, Global Education Motivators, Philadelphia, PA
  • Kate Holmes, Catholic Charities, Syracuse, NY
  • Wayne Jacoby, Global Education Motivators, Philadelphia, PA
  • Dallyn Jenkins, Beverly Animal Shelter, Waterloo, NY
  • Grayson Morely, Rural Migrant Ministry, Lyons, NY
  • Dee Olufsen, Red Book Shelf Literacy Project, Seneca County, NY
  • Options for Independence Inc., Disabilities Support Organization, Auburn, NY
  • Outreach Day Program, Adult Retardation Center of Monroe County, Rochester, NY
  • Ruthann Hawkins, Cayuga Lake Watershed, Interlaken, NY
  • Michelle McElroy, Deputy Executive Director, Southern Tier Aids Program.
  • Doris Wolf, Seneca County Red Cross, NY