The Ithaca Urban 4-H, under the direction of Ramona Cornell,offers after-school and summer programs. As part of two summer programs, younger children visited ReUse stores and selected items which they then modeled at gala fashion show for their peers, parents and community members.  Each model was introduced by one of the older students, who shared brief “biographies” of the garments, shoes, jewelry or other items the models were wearing or carrying.

As a backdrop, other members of the group made a wall hanging depicting their take-away images from the project.

Urban 4-H Fashion Show models 


Teachers at the E. A. Clune Ithaca Montessori School invited Words Into Deeds to help expand their elementary and middle school curricula to incorporate the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and include the SDGs as a rubric for designing student projects.  As example, students in one class played an interactive word game using ideas taken from both the UDHR and SDGs.   

 Interactive word games as a method for engaging younger students in conversations about Human Rights as related to the ReUse mission