2019 UN Civil Society Conference

Over 5000 adults and youth from 136 countries met in Salt Lake City from August 26-28, 2019 to address issues and develop action targets related to Sustainable Development Goal #11: Building Inclusive and Sustainable Cities and Communities, with particular emphasis on how climate change is already and will increasingly impact all communities.

Gertrude was invited by the UN Program Coordinator to work in advance with youth leaders who were responsible for planning on-site activities, and to assist them and other delegates during the conference. Advance planning included the drafting of a Youth Climate Compact, which served as a template for conference discussions and a prelude to final report. www.un.org/csc2019

Teaching About Refugees in a Global Context

Organized by the Cornell International Studies Summer Institute, this two-day workshop held at Syracuse University provided 30 New York teachers with information and resources about disruptions and challenges faced by refugees, both globally and in Central NY. Participants were provided models for developing informed action projects, then provided individual guidance to help them design programs applicable to their classrooms and communities.