The Digital Learning Center is now fully outfitted with 24 work stations, and classes for both teachers and students are scheduled throughout each day.

Electric power in Gulu, Uganda is unreliable, typically off several hours each day. This compromises availability of digital resources used for training as well as students’ research. To overcome this deficiency, Words Into Deeds solicited additional donations and received a generous grant from the Ithaca Rotary Club to install solar panels at the school. The project was developed in conjunction with a Solar Power Research team from the school. They assessed needs, researched designs, and met with consultants to balance costs with the funds available. Working with a Uganda-based engineering company that has successfully installed similar systems in nearly 40 schools and villages, a contract for installation during the summer, 2021 has been approved.

Brian Ddibya (red shoes), from Best Engineering Company of Kampala, Uganda, doing an on-site examination and solar workshop for the UNIFAT Solar Power Research team.
Before and after renovation pictures of the UNIFAT Digital Learning Center. The latter shows teachers learning how to use digital platforms to access educational resources for their students.