Inclusive and equitable quality education are featured in both the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Sustainable Development Goals. Words Into Deeds established a grants program whereby teachers could apply for financial assistance to set-up student outreach projects. The first project drew upon teachers’ skills at traditional bead-making crafts. This taught students how to make beads from paper and then assemble them into jewelry and purses. The items would be sold both within the Gulu community and in the USA, in some cases aligned with in-school outreach projects. All proceeds are sent to the UNIFAT School scholarship fund. From the first two sets items produced­­, nearly $900 has been raised.
Jennifer Acen helping students gain skills in making beads and jewelry

Jewelry and textile items made by sudents to raise money for the UNIFAT Primary School scholarship fund.

Partnership with the Wawoto Kacel Cooperative Society

Wawoto Kacel means “Walking Together.” Founded in 1997, this cooperative in Gulu, Uganda supports individuals, mostly women, who are unable to work or are ostracized due to having HIV/AIDS or other chronic diseases, loss of families, and other issues that make them vulnerable. At the co-op center they learn a wide array of traditional and contemporary craft skills.

Together with Words Into Deeds and our other partners in Gulu, they are expanding their operations and training programs. This will enable young women to acquire both technical and business skills and thereby have opportunities to become self-sufficient.


Basket-weaving, bead-making and textiles rooms at the co-op.

Examples of crafts being sold to raise money for the scholarship fund.