In the fall of 2016, several students from Dickerson High School in Trumansburg, NY, asked if they could enroll in a Words Into Deeds project based around a shared interest they had in issues related to domestic violence. They independently reviewed key documents related to human rights and researched data from news reports and social services to learn more about the underlying causes and stigmas, the challenges facing law enforcement and social services providers, and local programs whose goal was to provide assistance to victims.  Upon learning that the Spring, 2017 annual Student Leadership Conference was focusing on SDG #3: Good Health and Well-Being, they registered, prepared presentations, and travel to join with international peers at UN Headquarters in New York.

During the first two days of the conference, students shared their perspectives and recommendations, and prepared initial Plan of Action drafts that would be reviewed and expanded during subsequent discussions with all attendees. Exercises included leadership training, including preparing selected students to be discussion leaders and facilitators during the final day of workshops that included over 300 participants from India, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Republic of Georgia, and several US schools both on-site and via teleconferencing. Students also served as editors, who incorporated perspectives and ideas from all participants into the final set of recommendations.

Trumansburg students join with global peers in leadership training workshop.

A final Plan of Action recommendations from this conference was later presented to the UN Youth Envoy and the General Assembly.


Final session with international peers at the 2017 Student Leadership Conference.